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I have been coding PHP since university, and professionally ever since. In the last year, it has become my main breadwinner.

Web Development

Do you need a website made? Or a webapp? Either way, I have experience in the full web stack, from server maintenance under Linux and development in PHP, to the front end with Javascript and CSS.


Laravel is a very powerful web framework. I have become proficient in developing for it thanks to several projects, including this website!


A lot of the websites I build are based on Wordpress. It is a platform which I find incredibly easy to develop for, and my clients find incredibly easy to use. It´s a win for everybody.


I like to build web apps by separating the backend from the frontend. Backbone allows me to do this, and leverage my existing jQuery expertise at the same time.


Ever since I left university, I have been using jQuery to add interactivity to web designs.


Mobile programming is a developing area of my expertise. Specifically, I have developed several apps on Android


I have extensive experience under Linux, practically all variants. I use it as my main desktop OS, and also for development and on the servers I maintain.